Real Estate Division

We are associated with Fortune International Group, the leading Real Estate company in South Florida.

what is fortune international group

Fortune International Group’s unique position in the South Florida marketplace is a result of their pristine track record of successful development projects and exclusive on-site sales and marketing representation. Fortune’s high-quality standards and a trajectory that spans three decades, makes them the preferred development and sales organization in South Florida.

commercial & residential

Commercial and residential properties are two distinct markets and you need the support of financial and real estate experts to guide you to the right tracks. We can help you out to find the right property with the support of Fortune International Realty as well as to find your best business. Without the right specialists no company or individual can flourish. That is why we ensure that your purchases or sales are proper. We also offer consulting services on structuring the best financial configuration to get the most out of it.

why buyers, sellers and investors choose us


Our trustworthiness has been built by decades of intense dedication to our clients and our self development, gathering the best specialists for each client’s need.

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Service quality

We care for our clients and we differentiate ourselves by having the right approach and clarifying, monitoring and eventually executing the operation supported by decades of experience.

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