Paulo Bezerra

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July 10, 1961 - Mechanical Engineer with extension in finance at Citibank and "The Institute of Canadian Bankers" and in advanced management at Harvard Business School - AMP166/2004. Professional with rich experience in business, finance and management, having assumed leadership as a product manager and "corporate officer" for Citibank in the northern and northeastern regions of Brazil designated for the Leasing, FINAME and BNDES areas, besides the Vendor Program. As a Chief Financial Officer, gained experience in the areas of Financial Control, MIS, Treasury, Planning and Business Development. Had as one of the highlights in his career, the responsibility for coordinating the start up of Banco BGN - Queiroz Galvão Group. Was responsible for the implementation of Banco Azteca do Brasil, assuming the role of CEO in your deployment. Senior consultant and founding partner of CONSULTANT - Consultoria de Finanças Ltda.

He was also responsible for the:

  • Coordination of a bank acquisition project (privatization process); 
  • Coordination of the "valuation" and negotiation at an industry sale process;
  • Management and control of US$500MM of national and international operations;
  • U$ 200 million corporate finance deals in the regions of Sao Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and in the northest of Brazil (Sales excelence awarded for being top ranked in business for Citibank) and US$100MM in other institutions;
  • Coordination Deployment of 500 financial service stores ;
  • Implementation of strategic planning in all dimensions;
  • Implementation of the areas of derivatives, FINAME, BNDES and leasing;
  • Participation in the implementation of payroll loans.